Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Plaid leadership contender targets Wrexham

Plaid Cymru leadership candidate Leanne Wood will be speaking in Wrecsam this Thursday as part of her campaign to become the party’s leader.

Leanne Wood, the regional Assembly member for Cardiff and the Valleys, is speaking at the 1873 Suite at the Racecourse ground on Thursday, 12 January at 7.30pm.

Local Plaid councillor Marc Jones said: "Leanne is the reason I joined Plaid Cymru. She’s passionate and principled about her politics, putting the interests of ordinary people first rather than bankers and big business.

"She’s also an original thinker who will lead a talented team so that Wales can take greater responsibility for our own affairs. Many people are joining Plaid because they’ve been inspired by her campaign."

Ms Wood is touring Wales talking to as many of Plaid Cymru’s members as possible. Her campaign has focussed on reviving the Welsh economy, creating jobs and prosperity.

Leanne Wood said: "We are the party for the whole of Wales and Plaid has to reach out to every corner. Plaid needs to make inroads in areas likes north-east Wales if we are to become the biggest political party.

"I’m delighted to be speaking in Wrecsam and for the support of party members in the area. It is very encouraging."

Leanne Wood’s campaign has already been endorsed by Plaid MP Jonathan Edwards, former MP Adam Price and Assembly Members Bethan Jenkins and Lindsay Whittle.

Cllr Jones added: "The meeting is open to Plaid members and supporters in the area and I know many local trade unionists, who admire Leanne’s principled support for recent strike action to protect jobs and pensions, will be attending. The 1873 suite will have a bar and buffet on the evening."

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Confused Welshman said...

Personally think Leanne Wood would make a much better leader than current favourite Elin Jones. Leanne has the potential to broaden the appeal of the party to all parts of Wales-something Elin would struggle to do beyond traditional party heartlands.
I've blogged about it here: