Friday, 13 January 2012

Plaid meeting packed for Leanne

40 Plaid Cymru members and supporters packed the 1873 Suite at The Racecourse Ground in Wrecsam to meet Plaid leadership contender Leanne Wood tonight.
Leanne outlined her vision for Wales, explaining the need for "real independence" that would transform the Welsh economy and ensure a more prosperous and self-sufficient country.
The audience, drawn largely from Wrecsam, enjoyed an interesting question and answer session.
Leanne spoke in Welsh and English and it was great to see
non-members join up after the meeting, including ex-Labour Party members.
Her message of co-operation and promoting local enterprise was echoed Councillor Marc Jones, who chaired the meeting. He said : "There's a real momentum behind Leanne's campaign. She's reaching out and bringing in new members throughout Wales and I'm delighted at the new members she's bringing into the Wrecsam branch.
"They will have their say in the leadership campaign and I would urge those who want to take part in the Plaid leadership election to join up before January 26th."
Among those who have joined Plaid Wrecsam recently is firefighter Mike Davies (pictured with Leanne), the Fire Brigade Union's North Wales branch secretary.


Britnot said...

She is building up a fine head of steam, sounds as if you had a really good night! We need a leader who is unambiguous about the need for Independence and is a conviction politician. Leanne ticks those boxes as far as I am concerned.

She also has the ability to break into the Labour strongholds in the valleys, North east Wales etc which will give her the "Salmond" effect.
The future is looking bright for Plaid!

Anonymous said...

40 packed the 1873 Suite? Was the meeting in the toilet? FFS.