Thursday, 5 January 2012

Police Overtime.

A recent FOI request of North Wales Police by the Taxpayers Alliance elicited that overtime payements to Police Officers in the force increased by a third to £3.6 million in a year. Needles to say that the Taxpayers Alliance are critical of this increased spend notwithstanding that the North Wales Police have been forced to make massive budgetary cuts in the last 12 months due to the Conservative Government's policies so the use of overtime to make up a shortfall should come as no surprise.

In response to the report in the Daily Post I wrote the following letter:

Dear Editor,

One should not be surprised to read that North Wales Police’s overtime payments have increased (Police overtime cost hits £3.6 million, Post January 5th). The Police have a duty to protect life and property and to do that they must judge the appropriate resources that are required and if those resources are not available then the Police have no option but to pay overtime to protect the public;… who would be the first to complain if the Police failed to respond appropriately?

What is surprising in your report is that the Conservative lobby group the Taxpayers Alliance are critical of the use of overtime whilst a Conservative Councillor on the North Wales Police Authority seek to defend North Wales Police’s use of overtime. What both of them conveniently forget is the massive cuts that a Conservative led Government have imposed on the Police Service both locally and nationally is the whole and only reason why the overtime budget has increased.

What your article clearly shows is that the Conservatives have long lost their reputation as the party of law and order and are floundering in the dark when it comes to public safety; to them goes the dubious credit of having actually broken the ‘thin blue line.’

Cynghorydd/Councillor Arfon Jones,

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