Saturday, 14 January 2012

Redwood - the "modern English nationalist"

Just in case you needed a reminder of why we need independence...

John Redwood used to be the Welsh Secretary (aka Colonial Governor) and is here happily describing himself as a "modern English nationalist".

There are Conservatives who would be happy to wave goodbye to Scotland because they like the idea of what might happen next.

Former Welsh Secretary John Redwood wrote on his blog: “The dream ticket for a modern English nationalist is a decision by Scotland to leave the UK, followed by the ending of membership of the EU because the member, the UK, no longer exists.”

Would never have guessed the way he belted out the anthem with such gusto...

What does make this scenario interesting is that, when Scotland votes for freedom, there will be a very strong mood in England to ditch Wales.

Salmond is making all the running while Carwyn Jones is dawdling in the changing rooms, scared of upsetting his own party unionists as much as the UK government.

More faintheart than braveheart.

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Anonymous said...

So what's the problem? You're a WELSH nationalist aren't you?