Friday, 13 January 2012

The right leader at the right time

Along with many other Plaid members and supporters, I was inspired by Leanne Woods energy and vision tonight during an enthralling address to a packed audience at the Racecourse in Wrecsam.

Leanne decisively set out her vision for the party and for Wales, demonstrating why I believe she is the right choice to lead Plaid Cymru.

Leanne brings clarity and a vision which is totally in tune with the times. In one way it is radical, it’s new and it answers the problems that we face in Wales in the present day. At the same time, it provides a platform for future prosperity and a better quality of life for the people of Wales.

Leanne’s vision is built on the strengths that we posses in Wales and therefore is actually deliverable. Even better than this, Leanne bridges the gap between Welsh speaking and non Welsh speaking communities, as well as connecting with the older generation and especially the younger generation. This ability to engage and connect across the board will take Plaids message to a new generation and will rejuvenate our party. In my view, this makes Leanne Wood the right leader at the right time. Leanne articulated tonight the thoughts and feelings of the grass roots membership and she can certainly count on my vote when the time comes.

Cllr Carrie Harper, Wrecsam.


Anonymous said...

The social media are full of stories of people joining Plaid for the first time - or rejoining - in order to vote for Leanne Wood.

So imagine, with Leanne as leader of Plaid Cymru, the huge potential to broaden Plaid's appeal right accross Wales. This could be the start of something really big. Leanne is the candidate Welsh Labour are afraid of.

Leanne Wood - ymlaen â ni!

Iwan Rhys

Marshall said...

I was born and raised in Wrecsam and now live in a former coal mining valley in Bridgend. There are huge similarities between the two areas, one of the key things I believe Leanne will bring to Welsh politics as leader is the ability to unite us as a nation and restore pride in our country.

With whats happening in Scotland at the moment its vital that Wales has a voice that puts our country first and that has a vision for its future as it aims for independence.

Leannes is that voice.

Huw Marshall

Jony Gibson said...
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Pol Wong said...

Leanne's address last night underlined for me why she is so right for the leadership role.The vision and genuine hope she has to offer Plaid and Cymru is quite irresistable.She has the qualities that can bring back the hunger in Plaid and give Plaid a wider appeal.
There is a definate air of positivity about her which is infectious.
We could be on the brink of a new era of success and acheivement in Plaid and for Cymru.Plaid membership just need to vote for it now....

Russell Gwilym Morris said...

Leanne 4 leader . Im from Wrecsam but now live in Skewen down South , i feel leanne can reach out to non speaking welsk folk like myself but also connect with welsh speakers also . If Plaid and Wales is to move forward then leanne for leader is a must . But dont just hope it happens , everyone who has a vote use it an vote for her to be leader an if you work at night when a hustings is taking place then do what im doing an using a days holiday for it as like i say this is hugely important for the direction of Plaid and Wales

Martin said...

I was disappointed that I couldn’t make it last night. I would have liked to have gone and heard Leanne’s plans for the Party and ultimately the country.
When the leadership contest was announced, I was hoping that Leanne would stand as I feel that she could take us to new heights. She has the working class background that can challenge Labour and the fact that her first language is English hopefully will win support from the English speakers who believe that Plaid does not represent them.
This is an exciting moment for Wales and Plaid. I believe that with Leanne at the helm we could be on the verge of something massive!

Anonymous said...

Given Plaid Wrexham's dismal history in predicting election results.......Elin Jones it is then!

Siônnyn said...

Martin - leanne's vision of Wales and the party is HERE.

She is the only one who appears to have a vision further than getting elected, and has to be the only choice for any rational member who wants to see Plaid progress towards independence.