Saturday, 11 February 2012

Spinning the case for Wind-Energy.

This is a great demolition argument by Straight Statistics of claims made by Renewable UK supporting wind energy. The truth is that even if we cover the land mass of the UK with turbines wind will not meet our energy needs at any time not to mention peak demand time. We need a change of direction on renewable energy policy before we destroy our landscapes for ever.


Anonymous said...

Isn't the problem that all of our candidates vying to be Plaid Leader (with the possible exception of DET who is pro-nuclear) are heavily in favour of renewbles & green-jobs, which besically equals wind turbines?

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

I am quite comfortable with renewables including OFFSHORE wind farms and especially Hydro and Solar but I cannot see renewables meeting all our energy needs. We also need conventional to meet excess demand whether that is nuclear oil or coal fired. DET is a pragmatist who (when not talking independence) talks a lot of sense.

Plaid Whitegate said...

In the long term, fossil fuels will run out and we will have to rely on renewables. That's why Wrecsam council's turn to PV panels is a progressie move and the push for more hydro and tidal is needed along with offshore wind turbines.
But energy creation doesn't exist in isolation to political power and where demand for energy is located. Wales currently exports 10% of its electricity production and is leading the way in the UK in terms of renewable energy production (some would argue that we are grid-fodder for England).
Energy production needs to be linked more closely to energy need, e.g. with local grids, and Wales as a whole needs to have control over its energy production and energy strategy.
Until that happens we will continue to be powerless to argue whether we have turbines, nuclear, oil or anything else.

Anonymous said...

SO what happened to my comments?

Censored because I said something you can't argue against?


Plaid Gwersyllt said...

No idea what you're talking about, but if it was moderated there would have been a good reason for it. So try chillin out!

Anonymous said...

As you know there was nothing wrong about my comment. I will rewrite here — perhaps you will jave the guts to publish it this time...

OFFSHORE turbines have nothing to do with the Welsh Government therefore this is a red-herring. As the WG talks about reducing CO2 annually by 2%, the only "viable" (WG's words) technology is wind energy. As OFFSHORE turbines are beyond the powers of the WG, this therefore means onshore TURBINES. Unfortunately the policy of Leanne and Elin, the front runners of the leadership contest is to deny conventional and promote renewable, which means even more ONSHORE windturbines.

How are you going to lobby our party to become more responsible r.e. energy??

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 18:13 - but it is also Leanne's policy to call for all powers over Wales's natural resources, including energy generation, to be devolved. So onshore windturbines WOULD then be an option, as well as tidal power.

By the way, Dafydd Elis Thomas apparently made it quite clear on Y Byd Ar Bedwar that he is all for onshore wind turbines.

Iwan Rhys