Saturday, 31 March 2012

Flintshire Tenant's Reject Stock Transfer.

On the 28th March 2012, the Daily Post published a comprehensive report on the result of the ballot of council house tenants in Flintshire on whether to vote in favour of outsourcing or transferring the housing stock out of the control of Flintshire Council. The tenants voted overwhelmingly against. To access the link to the article go here.

The following is a related letter which I sent to the Editor of the Daily Post for publication on the same day:

Dear Editor,
Council tenants in Flintshire are to be congratulated on their emphatic No vote to privatise council housing “We can’t afford to fix council houses..” (DP, March 28) It’s a great shame that the Local Authority was required by Welsh Government to undertake such a wasteful and expensive process; the £1 million cost of the referendum could after all have been spent refurbishing hundreds of kitchens.

Whilst welcoming Aaron Shotton’s late intervention into the debate of a fairer funding settlement for council housing, Plaid Cymru have been campaigning for years against the Housing Subsidy system where up to a third of council house rents goes to the Treasury in London. In the case of Wrecsam Council, £11 million of money that could be used to repair and maintain our 11,000 council houses goes to London; Welsh Councils are the only councils in the UK that still has this unfair burden of taxation.

I very much hope that Mark Tami and other Labour MP’s who have been silent on this issue will now join in with Plaid Cymru’s Jonathan Edwards in his campaign to abolish the subsidy.

Cynghorydd/Councillor Arfon Jones,

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Anonymous said...

So councils in england no longer have to send rental income to the treasury, but we do? Why is such a scandal not front page news in Wales, and how can it possibly be justified?

Surely it must be unconstitutional/illegal to force one region of the uk to pay a tax that no one else is required to pay.