Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Labour Hypocrites.

It is all very well for Labour MP's to criticise the Con Dem budget, especially the reduction of the highest rate of tax from 50 to 45% on incomes over £150,000; but what do they do when they have the opportunity? The answer is of course nothing!

Last night in the House of Commons Plaid Cymru, the SNP and the Greens forced a vote on the 50% rate which was supported by ONLY two Labour MP's (Flynn and Skinner), the others abstained; so much for being an effective opposition and so much for fighting for fairness.

Interestingly my MP Ian Lucas has failed to respond to my tweet:

Did @ianclucas abstain on a vote to oppose cutting highest rate of tax from 50 to 45%. Ask him the question? @wrexham
This is despite tweeting this after the budget:

@IanCLucas: There are just 4,000 individuals who pay the top rate of tax in Wales. Tories and Lib-Dems cut their tax at the expense of the rest. Fair?
No, it isn't fair Ian; but the question the people of Wrexham want to know is, "Did you do all you could to oppose it"


Great follow up article from Newsnet Scotland, " Leaked emails pile pressure on Labour to explain Tory tax screw up."


Anonymous said...

Good on Plaid and the SNP for exposing the rank hypocrisy of Labour MP's, what a pity voters in Wales wont take any notice of this in May's elections and back Labour to the hilt.

Anonymous said...

Is this the last chance for mps to vote against the 50p cut then? The Tories forced that through quickly!

Anonymous said...

Labour,LD,Tory whats the difference?

Rhys McKenzie said...

Come now Arfon, it's hardly fair to say Labour do nothing. After all, it was Labour that first introduced regional pay in our courts!

Absolute hypocrisy from the Labour party as usual.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Rhys - Thank you for the posting, I am always grateful of any support I receive to demonstrate Labour hypocrisy. Despite knowing one or two in HM Courts Service I was not aware of the situation with regional pay...apologies

Anonymous said...

classic labour, no ideas of their own and oppose everyone else's. Ane we wonder why wales has stagnated for the last 20 years.