Friday, 23 March 2012

Lord Trimble 'does violence'!

Lord Trimble the Conservative peer and ex leader of the Ulster Unionist and Nobel Peace Prize winner should be the last person to use the word 'violence' lightly, but use it he did today in a speech to the Scottish Conservative conference at Troon, Ayrshire. Lord Trimble described the SNP's independence campaign as "Doing violence to people's identity.". He goes on to say:
"I have to say to Scottish Nationalists that by fighting for a programme of separatism, saying that you want to take Scotland out and take the Scottish identity out into a separate place, you are doing violence to part of the identity of every Scotsman, because there is a British component in the identity of every Scotsman. And to separate that is to do violence to people's own sense of identity."
Although a Nobel Peace Prize winner there is no doubt in mind that Trimble is reminding Scottish Unionists of the other long and painful war of resistance by Ulster Unionists against an united Ireland. There were other words that Trimble could have used but he chose the word 'violence' because of the emotional link with unionist resistance in the North of Ireland.

SNP MSP Humza Yousaf in responding to Trimble said:
"This is exactly what David Cameron and Ruth Davidson didn't want - their much-promised positive case for the Union hasn't even survived the Tory launch event, and now lies in tatters. It is precisely this sort of negative nonsense that is so damaging to the Tory-led anti-independence campaign. Lord Trimble couldn't be more wrong about Scotland. Independence is the broad, inclusive and positive option for Scotland, in which the wide range of identities we have in our modern nation - Scottish, British, Pakistani, Chinese, Polish, Irish and many, many more - can all be reflected and celebrated." 
 For a so called mainstream politician Lord Trimble has behaved in a wholly irresponsible manner.


menaiblog said...

To be fair to Trimble he knows more about violence than the likes of you or me. He was a member of the extreme right wing, paramilitary linked Vanguard movement, & he was legal adviser to the paramilitary linked Ulster Workers Council.

He knows all about violence - believe me.

Anonymous said...

Interesting choice of venue by the Tories. Troon, home to a substantial number of Loyalists who've fled Northern Ireland as result of Loyalist Paramilitary Infighting including one Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair. Nice people......

Geoff Ifans said...

What double standards - he supported the six counties leaving their natural position within Ireland and that did result in real and bloody violence.