Monday, 23 April 2012

Burglaries, robberies and thefts on the rise in North Wales

The following is a letter published in the Daily Post today in response to this front page article from last Friday's Post:

Dear Editor,

I was staggered to read Peter Rogers and Ian Shannon’s excuse for the increase in crime in North Wales to December 2011; “House burglaries and robberies soaring” Post, April 20th. Whilst the headline rate of increase was  2%, the underlying rate of increase of serious crime such as burglaries in the home and robbery was 20%. The ex Conservative AM, Peter Rogers blames his own Government of starving the Police Service of adequate funding; but this does not explain why other Welsh forces who have had similar cuts and budget reductions but still succeeded in reducing crime. In Gwent’s case the reduction was a highly commendable 11% with burglaries in the home being reduced by 28%.

Mr Shannon goes on to trumpet the small reduction in the violent crime and criminal damage rate, forgetting the 20% increase in robbery which by definition is itself a crime of violence. Your report also fails to mention the 21% decrease in recorded drug offences, this in itself indicates that the Police have reduced enforcement activity in relation to drugs despite the obvious link with increasing crime.

A further indication that all is not well with our Police Service in North Wales is that arrests for notifiable crime is down by 14% or 3,000 arrests  in 2010/11 compared to the previous year.

Perhaps Mr Shannon should be open with the public and explain what his force intends to do to reduce crime rather than hide behind confidence surveys and cease trying to spin bad news. Mr Rogers should hold senior officers to account for performance and not make excuses on their behalf.

Cynghorydd/Councillor Arfon Jones,

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