Sunday, 8 April 2012

What a load of Balls!

Readers will recall the furore surrounding the absence of nearly all of the Parliamentary Labour party from a critical Commons vote on a SNP/Plaid Cymru motion to oppose the cut in the higher rate of tax from 50 to 45% on the 26th March 2012.

Imagine my surprise on reading Ed Ball's column in The Sun that Labour will hold a vote in the House of Commons to try and overturn the reduction in the higher rate of tax on the 19th April 2012, and he has the audacity to call on other parties to support the Labour motion. This is what Mr Balls said:
"...It’s not right and it’s not fair. That is why Labour will hold a vote in the House of Commons on Thursday, April 19 to try to defeat the granny tax. And we’ll ask MPs from every party to join us.
That’s not all. We’ll also vote to stop the £3 billion tax cut for the richest".
What is not right and not fair is Labour's incompetence as the official opposition in holding the Government to account and putting 'tribal partisan' politics before the interests of the country and working with other parties to defeat the worse excesses of the Government.

This is too little too late!

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