Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Which end of the telescope?

Glyn Davies, the maverick MP for Montgomery, seems to have lost all sense of perspective after two years in the Westminster bubble. No longer the maverick, just looking down the telescope the wrong way.
His latest blog reckons the ConDem government has had a great couple of weeks. That's perfectly reasonable if you think that:
• cutting taxes for the rich and increasing them for pensioners is fair;
• the "cash for access" scandal was a rogue individual not systematic corruption;
• Cameron's calculated "petrol panic buying" was an acceptable way to distract from the story above;
• Pastygate. Glyn's take is ingenious - attack Greggs!:
"Now I don't know much about Greggs (in fact I'd never heard of them) and I don't like pasties anyway (unless Mrs D cooks them), but I did note that they made over £50 million profit last year. The fish and chip shops in Montgomeryshire make a lot less than that. And I might add that no-one has ever accused this son of the soil of being 'posh'."

Oh dear. Playing the populist while backing the millionaires is never going to work. More worryingly for the Tories, Glyn used to be the acceptable face of the Conservative Party in Wales, mainly because he didn't always toe the party line. But swimming in the cesspool of Westminster politics has revealed another side.


Anonymous said...

Ah the Greggs pasty.. aka the Wrexham dummy..

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Poor old Glyn must lead a very sheltered life if he is not aware of Greggs. I would be very surprised if towns like Welshpool and Newtown in Glyn's constituency didn't have a Greggs. But there we are the Tories were never like us the 'werin' were they.

Shambo said...

Now that Glyn has had a taste of PPS perks, he wants more. Hence his willingness to do hand-stands in order to get more career ticks. Do we hear the Welsh Office calling?