Thursday, 10 May 2012

Caia Park Community Council

Congratulations to Councillor Marc Jones, Plaid Cymru on being elected Chairman of Caia Park Community Council tonight.

Despite losing their Caia Park seats both Carrie Harper and Marc Jones are determined to continue to represent the people of Caia Park.

The fight back begins here.


Anonymous said...

Carrie Harper and Marc Jones as always will show Colin Powell and Brian Cameron up to be the complacent taking people for granted Labour people they always have been.

Winnie Mandela said...

Malcolm King's days are coming to and end, it happens to us all.

Anonymous said...

It's great that Mr Jones & Ms Harper are going to serve on Community Councils. I think that maybe that is their level really. With regards Brian Cameron, time will tell but don't hold your breath Marc. Brian is not an idle man who takes people for granted. He will/does serve the community and his involvement with Wrexham Supporters Trust is also commendable. Unsure about Colin Powell.

But if Plaid Cymru just focus on trying to discredit opponents rather than fighting the battle on local issues then the electorate will go one way. Remember there was no 10p tax etc to attack this time! If Ms Woods does not look at Plaids recruitment of suitable candidates and tackle the anti Labour election campaigns then Plaid will always struggle in Wrexham. People want to hear what candidates are going to do not for them and their communities not what Labour candidates shortfalls are.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

As I have said previously Plaid Cymru material for this election was full of achievements and our aspirations about the future; the only criticism of Labour was in response to a negative leaflet by them; surely everyone has the right to defend their reputation, and there is nothing in this blog that attacks Labour all I was doing was congratulating Marc Jones. The posts to the blog are balanced. I think you need a thicker skin.

Anonymous said...

Apologies Mr Jones. Was responding to follow on posts which attack not only the person but Labour as well. This seems a trend with Plaid which I believe certainly hinders the cause. I want a political alternative to Labour/Conservative/Dems, an alternative where a focus is on improving communities through better policies. Looking at Plaid's manifesto, taking into account what I have heard on the door step from candidates and through Political blogs it seems Plaid are not the answer.

Are all Plaid's election campaigns fought in the same way? Maybe a Plaid supporter can answer this. I am not a Labour supporter, quite the opposite even though my post might make me out to be. I just feel let down when I hear the same tired old sniping. I pretty much focus on the individual these days because the Political scene is muddied some what. Why should I vote Plaid at the next Assembly elections? What makes Plaid the alternative?

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Surely you didn't just hear what you call negative sniping from Plaid Cymru. All the negative campaigning on my ward for example came from Labour. I stayed positive with what my manifesto was. I know for a fact that Labour canvassers in Caia were saying all sorts of stuff about Caia Park Partnership and Communities First which was blatantly untrue. Were we supposed to sit back and take it or challenge it? Love to have the opportunity to convince you but I really don't think its going to happen somehow but you can always contact me if you wish!