Saturday, 5 May 2012

The council election results in Wrecsam were a disappointing reflection on the work put in by the 13 Plaid Cymru candidates. Arfon Jones in Gwersyllt West retained his seat with an increased majority and four other candidates lost by fewer than 70 votes. Cllrs Carrie Harper and Marc Jones were among them. In Rhosnesni Mike Davies came within 27 votes of unseating Labour and in Erddig Teri Birch was close to beating the independent councillor - great efforts considering these were first outings.

Plaid has never stood so many candidates in the borough and amassed support in such disparate areas.

There were local and UK factors at work when assessing the results, but the main issue generally was the UK political scene, which saw Labour advance on an anti-Tory/Fib Dem tide. The weakness of the Welsh media meant that another positive alternative to the coalition government was never on the horizon for voters, despite our best efforts.

Even so, there are positives to be gained amid the disappointment of losing two councillors. One is that we increased our vote in all but one of the 13 seats we contested and we have also gained new community councillors across the borough.

Plaid Wrecsam will regroup and move on from this setback. We've had worse setbacks and we will be back.


Anonymous said...

diolch am eich gwaith acw, mae seiliau da wedi'u gosod ar gyfer y dyfodol-daliwch ati efo llygad ar tro nesa!

Shambo said...

Am I right in thinking that you are now down to just one member?

Anonymous said...

Cytuno gyda'r neges ddi-enw uchod - cynyddu'r bleidlais mewn 12 ward allan o 13, ar noson lle'r oedd llif tuag at Lafur, yn dangos y gwaith caled a wnaed, ac yn llwyfan i adeiladu arno y tro nesaf. Dalier ati!

Iwan Rhys

Plaid Gwersyllt said...


Anonymous said...

There was an experiment in the states where 5 students were put in the same room and had to answer simple but obvious questions about pictures. Four of the students were in fact actors. The four actors we told to give the same incorrect answer each time and very quickly the only 'free thinker' adopted the same incorrect answers. The herd mentality runs very strongly through us.
Plaid should be proud of their work and their campaign. It's not their fault we're just a bunch of mindless sheep.

Anonymous said...

Typical post from a Plaid activist. Label all the electorate mindless sheep just because they didn't vote for Plaid?? This is why you lost seats, because you treat the electorate like idiots. Instead of focussing on Labour being the anti christs why not focus on what you can deliver, which is??

Nothing but anti labour drivel which everyone is sick of.

Ms Woods, rebranding isn't going to sort this, it's getting these bitter activists and Councillors to actually protray that they are an alternative. Can it be done? Looking at this blog, no!