Monday, 28 May 2012

Lies, damned lies and Labour spin (Part 2)

Following on from the blog responding to Carl Sargeant's and Welsh Government's totally misleading Press release on Train Services in North Wales, I have sent the following letters to the Daily Post and the Leader:

Daily Post
Dear Editor,

Your report , "Wrexham and Flint express service," Post, May 25th, paints a rather inaccurate picture of what the reality of train services in North Wales is. This development does not enhance services in any shape or form; in fact it is a backward step where Holyhead to Cardiff services are being reduced from two services a day to one. Also misleading is the Minister's claim that the new service will stop in Wrexham, when in fact the Holyhead to Cardiff service has stopped in Wrexham since March 2011.

The Welsh Government's press release on this cut to services is pure spin released in the hope that the people of North Wales would be absorbed by the Jubilee and the Olympic Flame not to notice this blatant manipulation of the news.

The Leader

Dear Editor,

Your headline, "At last! Cardiff service to stop in Wrexham" on the front page of the Leader on May 25th, is frankly wrong! The Holyhead to Cardiff train has stopped in Wrexham since March 2011. You then compound your error by describing on Page 6, what is a cut in service as an improvement. In fact the £500,000 saving is being made by reducing the Holyhead to Cardiff service from twice daily to one service a day.

Perhaps the media in Wales should reconsider their stance that everything the Welsh Government pumps out is not in fact accurate, they are as capable of spinning bad news as their colleagues in Downing Street are.

Both papers unquestioningly churned out a copy and paste of the press release from Welsh Government, we deserve a better, more inquisitive journalism than this.

We shall see if the papers actually publish these critical letters; personally I think not which is why I've decided to publish them on the blog.


Anonymous said...

Not only are you correct, but those who are ministers now, under the last administration they were suggesting that a Wrexham routing was a bad idea and presented data on the desirability of interchange at hubs like Crewe due to large passenger volumes with a destination of to Manchester. It was the same Labour politicians who argued, when Gerallt Gymro was introduced, that Wrexham would best be served from interchange at Flint or Shrewsbury. The halving of the north-south service is not an efficiency, but the worst of both worlds. A minimum of two trains a day is required to build a customer base. One train a day doesn't justify the establishment cost and I fear this is just a prelude to Labour axing the service altogether. Perhaps they intend to put a badger on the train and wait a year for fudge before abandoning it.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Fair does Daily Post did publish my letter today, apologies for ever doubting that they wouldn't

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

I'm shocked, even the Leader published my letter.

Callum Edwards said...

I had seen the letters in both the Daily Post and the leader, totally agree the new service is a worse deal for North Wales, but to suggest that Plaid had come anywhere near to creating a great service in Wales while in coalition is wrong! The service and rail routes linking Wales are still abysmal !