Saturday, 26 May 2012

Lies, damned lies and Labour spin

There are times when Labour's lies take your breath away. 

The announcement to halve the number of direct trains between North and South Wales was a case in point. It was spun by the highly paid spin doctors in the Welsh Government as an "enhancement", when any fool could see it was a reduction from two direct services to one per day.
 Perhaps more seriously, journalists at the Daily Post and Leader were reduced to churnalism - turning out the Government press release as a story without fully checking the facts and getting a counter view.
 Such is the pressure local journalists are working against.
 Plaid Cymru’s regional AM Llyr Gruffydd summed up the absurdity of cutting a service that has proved valuable and popular: 
“The decision by the Labour government to halve the North-South service is nothing short of a betrayal of north Wales.  After all the hard work of Plaid Cymru in government to improve rail connections across Wales, Labour is clearly determined to downgrade provision for some areas – especially north Wales.  This is a typically short-termist approach which will impact heavily on the economy of these areas.  It will also force more people to use roads rather than more sustainable forms of transport.“The decision itself was bad enough, but to see the Government try to spin to justify the decision and claim the service is ‘enhanced’  is nothing short of a cynical propaganda strategy more suited to a banana republic. The decision to extend the existing service to Wrexham was made in March 2011 under the One Wales government and a Plaid transport minister. To dress up this halving of the service as an improvement would make even Alistair Campbell blush. Could the minister tell us how halving the service is an improvement for the people of this area?”

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