Thursday, 24 May 2012

New cooperative venture

Tonight saw 80 people gather at Minera school to discuss plans to purchase and re-open the historic Ty'n y Capel inn in the village.
 The meeting heard that the committee has already raised £45,000 of the £100,000 target and has two further offers of £20,000 in the pipeline.
 Speakers included committee members Gale Taylor and Christine Grant as well as Tom Taylor from Wrecsam Council and Mike Williams from the Wales Cooperative Centre. I spoke about the Saith Seren "experience" which, although very different from the kind of village pub cooperative, has provided encouragement and practical help for the Minera volunteers.
 The major stumbling block is that the current owner wants a change of use for the building to enable it to be sold for housing or other commercial use. Wrecsam council's planning committee successfully resisted this last year, a move upheld by the planning inspector, but there is a danger that he will attempt to try this again in the autumn.
 Let's hope the Ty'n y Capel is re-opened as a community cooperative and the pub soon returns to being the village hub.

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Russell Gwilym Morris said...

hope its a success in the village next to my home village , i'll be hoping to invest a small amount . We need more community ventures to spring up too