Thursday, 24 May 2012

Not Welsh, just British - welcome to Olymperialism

Back in 2005, the then Welsh Secretary Peter Hain had this to say about the Olympics coming to London in 2012: 
The 2012 London Olympics is a perfect platform to "sell" Wales to the world, says Welsh Secretary Peter Hain.

Athletes are set to use Cardiff's Millennium Stadium, Newport's velodrome and Swansea's 50m swimming pool. It is predicted that many conferences and pre-games training camps will also be based here.

"This promises a huge financial boost with competitors and visitors from around the world basing themselves in Wales," Mr Hain said.

His comments followed scenes of celebration in London after it was announced as the winning bid by the International Olympic Committee on Wednesday.

Speaking soon after, Mr Hain added: "We have our own distinct, proud identity - culturally, socially, economically and geographically - and the Games will provide the perfect platform to sell Wales overseas."
 The reality is that any distinct identity is being snuffed out by the Olympic imperialism, with the goons accompanying the Torch grabbing a Cornish flag from one runner (see picture above).

 Far from "selling Wales", the Welsh Government's official 2012 website features no Welsh flag or any attempt to promote Wales. There are even rumours, from the normally reliable Vaughan Roderick, that the London Olympic Organising Committee wants to ban the use of the Welsh flags from the Millenium Stadium for the opening football events.

 Anyone recall the synthetic anger of the London media during the 2008 Beijing Olympics at the Chinese authorities banning flags from smaller nations?
"Draconian rules imposed by the Chinese authorities mean that flags of any non-competing nation are likely to be confiscated from fans, who could be barred from venues if they refuse to comply. Athletes could even be disqualified from competing if they break the rules."



Jac o' the North said...

We are experiencing a concerted campaign promoting Britishness, and this also encourages rejection of competing identities and loyalties.

It can be linked to the recent attacks within Wales on the Welsh language and 'expensive' devolution. It's almost as if Ukip is in power!

The big question for me now is, what form will this campaign take when the summer - with its Jubilee, Euro 2012 and Olympics - is over?

Because if, as I suspect, this is the 'hearts and minds' offensive leading up to the Scottish independence referendum in 2014, then there are two years left to fill.

So how will they compete with the 700th anniversary of Bannockburn on June 24, 2014 - Bruce was a paedophile? Don't be surprised if - for our benefit - they play up the role of the Welsh soldiers in Edward's army.

Hendre said...

"they play up the role of the Welsh soldiers in Edward's army."

According to one history of Scotlad I've read the Welsh contingent were blamed for the defeat - they'd been carousing the night before!

Teknisk oversetter said...

Let's not fight over the olympics, just enjoy.
The event will be great for the Brittish economy both short and long run.

Rhys McKenzie said...

It'll do wonders for the London economy, no doubt, Teknisk, but as to the benefit Wrecsam or anywhere else in Wales will accrue...well, to say I'm skeptical is an understatement.

Alwyn ap Huw said...

Worse than the flag grab is the fact that a bilingual sign welcoming people to Penn an Wlas / Land's End had to be painted over and replaced by a monolingual English sign by order of the Olympic Committee.

But Wales is not exempt from this disgusting imperialism, apparently the Millennium Stadium, of all places, has been ordered not to fly the Red Dragon from its flag poles during the Olympic period because a few minor Olympic events are being held there.

Anonymous said...

great for the english economy. whole swathes of london redeveloped at tax payers expense (inc. welsh). while we wait for a bit of electrified railway.

most people in wales now can't afford the tickets (for the event or the train tickets to get there)

Anonymous said...

Of course the English flag is banned as well - certainly not a rumour, a fact - and it springs from the corrupt IOC itself not from London.

The Olympics is what it has always been - a celebration of the same 19C eugenic, racial and pagan philosophies that gave rise to the Nazis.

A huge expense upon the Welsh taxpayer and an insult to our country.

If we had any self-resoect we'd show the whole circus the door.

Oversetter said...

Lets keep the Olympics as a sports event and leave politics on the utside please!

Anonymous said...

Not sure why you're making such a fuss over the flag grabbing, those 'goons' are police officers who are all about security (probably to the extent of paranoia but that comes with the job), if they can grab the flag there's nothing to stop anyone else from doing it and harming or simply annoying the runner.

Yes it seems petty but they're there to stop criminals, terrorists or just rowdy hooligans interfering, and having a giant bit of cloth dangling behind you inches away from grasping hands as you run past with the olympic torch is inviting just that, no sense having a pop at the police with your conspiracy theories

Callum Edwards said...

I hope you all no realise the rules for the flags have been lifted and welsh peoples will be encouraged to fly the welsh dragon for the Olympics, and the Millenium stadium will be flying Y ddraig goch proudly during the Olympic events !

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Yes, we do could be something to do with Humza Yousuf's campaign in respect of Hampden Park.