Tuesday, 1 May 2012

On Thursday, you have a positive choice

Plaid Cymru in Wrecsam is standing a record number of council candidates in all parts of the borough and we hope you will vote for a positive choice and a local champion on May 3rd.

In the town itself, there will be Plaid candidates in Rhosnesni (Mike Davies), Grosvenor (Julie Bomber), Erddig (Teri Birch), Hermitage (Maurice Jones), Whitegate (Marc Jones), Wynnstay (Steve Jones) and Queensway (Carrie Harper).

We have two candidates, Nia Lloyd and Michael Harper, contesting Coedpoeth.

Pol Wong is standing in Rhiwabon, hoping to overturn the one-vote majority Labour currently has.

Gwersyllt West will see Arfon Jones defend his majority against the Labour challenger while Gwenfair Jones bids to turn the tables in Gwersyllt North.

Eric Evans is the Plaid challenger for Dyffryn Ceiriog.

Trade unionists, carers, full-time mums, self-employed, students and full-time councillors - it's a great team and their election will make a real difference to our borough.


Anonymous said...

Wrexham electorate send Plaid a resounding message! Have to say I was suprised by Carrie Harper and Marc Jones being ousted. Nothing personal intended as they may be nice people outside of Politics but as a voter for me they focussed too much on Labour and too little on local issues. It's a pity really because Wrexham needs an alternative to the tired Labour & Conservatives.

Paul Williams said...

This wasn't a message against Plaid - it was purely a "Tories messing up Britain - Vote Labour!" situation.

samsung said...

The message from the electorate is that they are not interested in one Party knocking another unless it is related to local issues. The lack of a clear alternative from Plaid to the way in which WCBC has been run had an impact. People want solutions not sniping.
There is also the whole issue of candidates being seen to be doing things for their ward and not devloping personal CVs. What was astonishing across the parties was how they thought puting candidates up for election that did not live or had any connection in a Ward would ever be excepted. People by their very nature want to enage with people they know.
I also object to the amounbt of money that candidates will be claiming from Public funds for their election material. It is fine to claim for one item but was it neccesary for funds to be spent on multiple copies to go to the same house on a number of days. Why claim to be supporting the environmant when this type of action was carried out.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

1.First point no money will be claimed for election expenses from the public purse all expenses are paid by the party or by the individual candidates.
2. Plaid Cymru leaflets all had a positive message and outlined our manifesto and our achievements, most Plaid Candidates put out 3 leaflets in a 4 week period. First was a black and white introductory VOICE leaflet, second was the county manifesto and thirdly was the electoral address.
3. I am not sure what you are getting at with cv's, I would say that all Plaid candidates have no further ambition than to do the best they can for the people of Wrecsam. If they had further ambitions in politics they would probably look elsewhere to fulfill that ambition.
4.With the exception of two candidates all the others lived either in the ward they stood in or the adjoining ward.

Rhys McKenzie said...

Congratulations on your re-election, Arfon; commiserations to everyone else. A depressing if not particularly surprising result. It is a shame that the people of Wales are so eager to reward the Labour party, even at a local level, for the remarkable feat of switching sides in the House of Commons. Until the people of Wales wake up to the fact that Labour has consistently failed the country since its inception, though, perhaps we don't deserve anything better than the tribalism and petty corruption that this Labour hegemony seems to beget.