Monday, 21 May 2012

Opportunistic publicity stunt?

Spot the difference:

On Thursday, Andy Richards, the leader of one of Wales’ largest unions, hit out at Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood’s moves to court Welsh trade unions in a so called ‘alliance of progressives’ as “an opportunistic publicity stunt.”

On Tuesday, Andy Richards will address a Morning Star fringe meeting on 'Resisting the Cuts and Mobilising around the Peoples Charter' at the Wales TUC in Llandudno.

For consistency's sake, we expect him to denounce the meeting as an opportunistic publicity stunt.


Anonymous said...

You forget to mention that he is to address a fringe of the Welsh Communists, obviously preferable to court the Communist vote than Plaid Cymru's ! The man is a fool to put the interests of the Welsh Unionist Party before the interests of his members?

Anonymous said...

Regrettably the Trade Unions are fixed in a time warp of historical colonial power and land of Hope and Glory so they are bound to support a London based party whether it is of their creation or the Communist party.
They all have their headquarters in London and are controlled by the Labour party fringe element of the politically correct who are completely removed from the aspirations of ordinary people.
Unionist supporters of the status quo through and through with the same old well worn rhetoric.
Carry on regardless Leanne, unlike handy Andy you do not have to be concerned about 'Big Brother' watching you !