Thursday, 21 June 2012

Pro-Palestinian protesters oppose Israelis in Wrecsam

Congratulations to the pro-Palestinian protesters who opposed the Wales v Israel football game at the Racecourse last night. Israel's behaviour today towards the Palestinians is similar to that of South Africa's apartheid regime towards the black population before 1990. Palestinians are being shot, imprisoned, harassed, separated from their families, stopped from working, blocked from farming their land by a ruthless military state purely on the basis of their nationality. Most noticeable is the 30' apartheid wall being built around the Palestinians, effectively the biggest open prison in the world. The picture above gives an idea of how it would look if it was here in Wrecsam - it cuts across many communities arbitrarily.
 One of the most effective weapons in the struggle against apartheid was an economic boycott. Another was the sporting boycott, which meant that South Africa couldn't pretend it was a normal society. It's equally important that Israel cannot pretend it is "normal" either to its own citizens or those of other countries. Yesterday's protest reminded both Welsh and Israeli football fans that there's nothing normal about Israel.
 When they tear down the walls and treat Palestinians as equals, they can play football in peace.


Anonymous said...

Good post although football matches are not the best for getting a hearing, people just want to see the game!

If you're unfortunate enough to be born Palestinian, you basically don't have the right to an economy, to work on your own land, to move from village to village, even to visit relatives in some cases. All this based on accident of birth! I used to not be particularly bothered about it, but it's getting extremely worrying now.

Reading Palestinian literature and poetry is very poignant, all about dispossesion and exile. Much like older Jewish literature.

Anonymous said...

The hypocracy coming from isreal is quite staggering. While few will argue the suffering of the jews under nazi germany was horrific, they seem to have embraced much of the fascist behaviour. Herding Palestinians into defacto concentration camps,deprived of food and medical supplies; now expelling africans from isreal using 'racial purity' as the justification.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the jist of what Anon 14:00 is saying and I don't want to come across as patronising, but it is not a good tactic to say 'Israel is now doing similar things as the Nazis'. It concedes the idea that "the Jews" (what a catch all term) = the modern state of Israel. Conceding that is problematic because if we accept that Israel is the only Jewish country in the world, it can basically be excused of any crimes or problems because it is so unique. We have to argue for Israel to be treated equally to all other countries and accept this as an issue of equality and human rights, rather than a Jewish issue. Jewish culture and languages should be respected worldwide as should the suffering of the Jewish people (who came from all different countries) in the holocaust.

Wizz said...

What about agreement? Looks like people just not up to this!