Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Perverse Decisions!

It hasn't taken the Labour led Wrecsam Council long to start making decisions which at best can be described as perverse. It concerned the granting of a lease on land to construct a stand on a public open space in Caia Park called the Dunks. The story is reported in a well balanced article by the Leader here. The stand was to allow for the so called Venture Community Football Club to progress to the Cymru Alliance League (one can only venture a guess as to how many local players from the Caia Park community will be playing for this semi professional side!).

I describe the decision as perverse for two reasons, the first is that Wrecsam Council have a policy on public open spaces which does not allow sale or development if there is a deficit of public open spaces in the ward; in this particular ward there is a deficit of space equivelant to 24 football pitches. Secondly, Wrecsam Council agreed a policy as far back as January 2012, NOT to lease council owned football pitches to clubs for the club's exclusive use as it deprives the local community of opportunities to use the pitch. No doubt the club will give assurances that it will not be for the Venture's exclusive use but walking away with the goal posts at the end of a games is not indicative of a willingness to share community facilities.

Both these policies are now discredited and should the council wish to enforce these rules against other organisations they will find it extremely difficult and legally questionable.

Finally, is it good financial management to spend 'money' (where does it come from?) on a new stand when it's right next door to the Queensway Sports Centre which is not full utilised and could quite easily accommodated the needs of the Venture Community Football Club.

A very inauspicious start to a new council.


Anonymous said...

The same old wrexham council up to it`s old tricks ,will people never learn from the past

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

People voted Labour again but at least it didn't give them an overall majority.

Callum Edwards said...

I think people sometimes forget that 'people voted for labour' .....accounts for a small thing called democracy ! You can't question the majorities decision or are plaid now supporting a authoritarian state ? - for better or worse we have a Labour led council for 5 years !

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Democracy also consists of the rights of the opposition to challenge governing administrations and the way they conduct business, hence this particular blog. For a healthy democracy we need informed and interested citizens ready to question decisions.

Anonymous said...

People certainly did not vote for Labour. Labour has no majority of votes or of seats.

And we do not live in a system in which every five years we get to choose the next dictator.

(Well we are not supposed to live in such a system)

Callum Edwards said...

Well I think you will find that most people did vote for Labour otherwise they wouldn't be the largest council group ! And Arfon I totally accept that but some people on here are just out to settle personal grievances, and just slate decisions because it's labour ! What we need in a democracy is good constructive criticism which at times is hard to find on this blog !!