Saturday, 21 July 2012

Carwyn's Vision.

The closest we have come to our glorious First Minister doing the 'vision thing' is whilst he was discussing whether Dafydd Elis Thomas would be a good fit in the Welsh Labour Party:
"We would welcome anybody who shares the same values as us. We’ll have to wait and see but I’ve noticed what he’s been saying over the last few weeks. He’s somebody who I believe holds the interests of the people of Wales at heart. He is somebody who is very much a progressive in terms of his politics. All these qualities would fit in very well with Welsh Labour.”
The next obvious question to me is, "Well what are your values Carwyn?" The only thing we had off him as a vision and values at the time of the council elections was to vote Labour and send Cameron a message; an absolute gem of an ideological standpoint. As for describing DET as a progressive in his politics then that is a standpoint that seems to have passed by most people in Plaid Cymru.

I am really look forward to Carwyn elaborating on his vision and his values...oh, and by the way did  he ever get a reply to the message the people of Wales sent I didn't think so; but there we are another succesful con job.

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Anonymous said...

Carwyn doesn't have to do anything nor answer any question and he gets 7 out of 10 by Betsan Powys.

In fact, not having the 'vision thing' is a plus for him as it keeps his broad tent open which is the Labour strategy in Wales.

Leanne may do with a bit less vision - and certainly worry less about what Owen Jones or Mark Serwotka think.That's difficult because Plaid needs to set the agenda with economic papers etc and be ambitious for Wales.

Can't see Carwyn losing in 2016 - in fact it seems they'll win a majority if the same skewed voting system is in place.