Monday, 2 July 2012


Connect is Wrecsam County Borough Council's magazine, and unlike some council's output, Connect is a pretty good informative read, even this edition is good but with one notable exception... this piece of spin:
Councillors' Salaries.
We have been asked by a number of you for more information about the salaries of Wrexham’s Councillors to be included in Connect.
The councillors salaries are set by the independent remuneration Panel for Wales appointed by the Welsh government and, for the year 2012/13, the basic councillor’s salary is £13,175 with additional monies for extra responsibilities.Full details of individual councillor’s salaries for last year are published on the internet at as part of the Council’s Constitution document.
Now this little article misses out a lot more than what it says; what people are really wanting to know about is senior salaries, that is where the big money is!

In the last financial year the most any Councillor had (with the exception of the Leader) was approx £19,000, but the Independent Remuneration Panel increased that this year to £21,000 for 5 Committee Chairs, £28,000 for 5 Lead Members, £33,000 for the Deputy Leader and £47,000 for the Leader (same as last year).

These figures however will not appear on the Council's website until the end of this financial year by which time they hope you will have forgotten about them accepting mega salaries whilst council staff are facing another year of frozen salaries.


Anonymous said...

How much did you claim last year? Did you claim expenses as well as salary?

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

It's on the website as Connect says