Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Crocodile tears as Remploy closes

The news that Remploy is closing its Wrecsam factory is devastating for the 41 workers there. Research has shown that 85% of those Remploy workers who lost their jobs after the last round of closures in 2007 have not found work.
The only realistic solution when this announcement was made by the UK coalition government was for the Welsh Government to step in and take on the seven Welsh factories under threat.
 They could have safeguarded the Wrecsam factory, which has lost its major private contract as a result of this uncertainty. The Wrecsam factory was on the verge of securing a major contract with the local council prior to the bombshell - this would have been a long-term agreement to supply kitchen units to the council's housing stock.
 From the outset Plaid locally has called for Welsh Government intervention. There is no point in Ian Lucas MP crying crocodile tears in the House of Commons - Labour could have done something in Cardiff and they have failed. Workers deserve better than this.


Robert said...

Being disabled myself searching for work being refused time after time even when you meet all the requirements watching people not even look at you in the eyes.

but not to many years ago I was on TV talking about my local Remploy factories and Peter Hain stated he would discuss the matter before making a final decision, he said to me I will take your view into account, three weeks later he closed them, nobody in Llanelli has found work.

I suspect that some of the Charities who stated that it was right to close the factories we are hearing will be helping the government try to find work for these disabled people, so they sold out again.

I really hate it when so called disability or disabled so called charities sell out for money, but what do we really expect in a world in which banking, financial sectors and now charities chase the money.

Tom Twp said...

So the Tories have managed to finally do what Ian Lucas' own government attempted to do whilst in Government and close Remploy!
At least the Tories have done what you'd expect them to do. But never forget it was Labour who first attempted to do this.

Plaid Whitegate said...

I'm sure the 85% of Remploy workers sacked by Labour in 2007 who still haven't found work haven't forgotten what Lucas and Co did to them.