Friday, 7 September 2012

69 days of apathy - North Wales Police commissioner elections

There are just 69 days to go before the police commissioner elections and in the North it looks like being a big yawn in. A low turnout and uninspiring candidates could mean a surprise is in store.
 Declared candidates so far are the ex-chief executive of the North Wales Police Authority Tal Michael for Labour and Richard Hibbs, an independent businessman. The low-key nature of the election, which Plaid is boycotting, will doubtless mean that the candidates will have to ramp up the publicity with some populist-sounding rhetoric in the weeks running up to November 15.
 Tal Michael, whose father Alun Michael is standing for the same job in South Wales, spent much of today in the Yale College Freshers' Fair - not the best place to be as most of them are too young to vote in November!
 Labour has put together a pretty limp leaflet that will have to be delivered door to door by the party faithful. Hibbs, who doesn't appear to have any clear policies as yet, doesn't even have that luxury. His only potential line of attack is that he's not party political.
 The Tories - who are currently as electable as Gary Glitter - look to be putting up Derek Barker, the former chief executive of Conwy Borough Council, if Tory AM Darran Miller's latest tweet is to be believed:

Looking forward to hitting the campaign trail with Derek Barker in the coming weeks 


Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Will not be voting for any of them!

Richard Hibbs said...

How about my plans for a £20 household rebate next year?! Find out more at ...

I don't see why North Wales Police Authority under its former Chief Executive should have been allowed to accumulate £40m in cash reserves without anyone really noticing.

It's our money and I intend to get some of it back.

And how about zero tolerance (yes that's right zero tolerance) on illicit drugs? Sounds like bloody hard work to me.

How about re-commissioning police cells in Mold and Pwllheli?

Then there's my policy of de-commissioning fixed speed cameras in locations with less than 10 personal injury collisions over 3 years.

And what about re-investing some of the staggering £8 million underspend in the police accounts last year in something useful ... like crime prevention for example?

Oh yes, and then there's the small matter of changing the whole force ethos ...

Richard Hibbs
Independent Candidate for Police & Crime Commissioner in North Wales

g williams said...

Don't understand why Plaid are boycotting these elections. There are many Plaid faithfulls who would be excellent candidates with brilliant credentials. Although it would be a certain risk for Elfyn Llwyd to vatate his seat and force a by election for Plaid, it is equally tragic that others are obsessed with the House of Lords etc. It is always best served to play your part in the democratic processs......either to win or to lose.

Anonymous said...

We are paying far too many useless politicians already. For goodness sake don't encourage them by going out to vote.

Anonymous said...

@Richard Hibbs

I thought you would be campaigning on a zero tolerance drug policy?
If so you are misguided, the public now recognise the need for change, and in Gwynedd there is a large Plaid Cymru contingent, as Plaid have their drug policy of Cannabis decriminalisation, you would be clearly going against the electorate.

Care to make a comment?

Plaid Whitegate said...

UPDATE: Derek Barker mysteriously dropped and no-hoper Colm McCabe from Summerhill takes his place.