Friday, 14 September 2012

Healthcare in North Wales is Changing.

This is the title of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Borad's Consultation document which seeks views on the proposed re-configuration of health services across North Wales. Let's be in no doubt about it this consultation document proposes massive changes as part of the need to make £60 million of savings.

The Board are holding several consultation events in each local authority area and have also held mmetings with elected members. The meeting with elected members of Wrecsam Council was very well attended but the only real challenge came from members of the opposition groups. Following such an event Wrecsam Council would NORMALLY submit a detailed response to the consultation which would receive formal approval (or otherwise) by members at an Executive Board meeting.

It is proposed that the response to this particular consultation will not be subject to the usual member scrutiny and challenge at the October Executive Board but will rather be submitted direct to the Health Board having been approved by the Leader and Director only.

The question is why should they want to avoid public scrutiny of the response? is it because the response will be unpopular with the public or is the reason more political like the Health Minister being the local Assembly Minister and there is a reluctance by the governing coalition to be critical.

The main opposition group on Wrecsam Council have asked for a re-think of this decision in the interests of openness and transparency of decision making.

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