Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Daily Post get's it wrong!

Yesterday's Daily Post published an article claiming that North Wales and Wrecsam in particular were suffering from increased shop closures. The data was collected  by the Local Data Company and shows that the empty shop rate in Wrecsam has shot up from 13.9% to 18.5% of shops in the last 18 months but following some enquiries into the Local Data Company's data collection methods it seems that they have not updated their town centre boundaries since 2004 and that their data does not include retail units in the Eagles Meadow town centre development and neither does their data include shops which do not pay rates i.e Charity Shops.

Another more comprehensive survey by Colliers International shows that shop vacancies in Wrecsam stands at 12% which is up from 10% from last October but which is below the UK average of 13.4%. This shows considerable improvement on the 18% shop vacancies in Wrecsam in the middle of 2009.

Reports such as the one in the Daily Post can be very damaging to trade in towns such as Wrecsam and Bangor particularly if the data is inaccurate. Editors have responsibilty to check on the quality and reliability of their sources. Clearly this did not happen on this occasion and the paper should publish an apology.

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Cneifiwr said...

There are various companies which collect data of this kind, and some are used by councils as evidence for planning decisions.

In our case in Carmarthenshire, they got the turnover of existing businesses wildly wrong, showed shops which closed years ago and were completely and obviously wrong about where local people do their shopping.

Not only do we pay for this garbage, but our council officers flatly refuse to accept that it might be wrong.

That helps to explain the quality of some of our planning decisions.