Thursday, 4 October 2012

ATOS don't give a toss about the disabled

Yesterday a man walked into Wrecsam JobCentre, doused himself in petrol and threatened to set himself on fire because his disability benefits had been stopped. 

He and many like him are being pushed off benefits by a private firm called ATOS, which is working with the DWP as part of the UK Government's sustained attack on the welfare system. If you've seen Panorama, you'll know the tactics they us
e to try to stop disabled people's benefits often leaving them completely destitute.

ATOS, a French firm with a €5.1 billion annual turnover, is also working with the Cooperative Bank, supposedly a progressive and ethical organisation, and disability campaigners have called for a protest on Saturday against ATOS and specifically against the Coop's links with this firm.

 The Cooperative now owns Britannia Building Society and local campaigners against the cuts and disabled activists will be outside the Britannia BS in Wrecsam (down the street from McDonalds in the town centre) from 10-12am on Saturday, October 6.

Please join us.

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