Monday, 15 October 2012

Poor old Councils.

To be honest and as an elected Councillor I have little sympathy with Steve Thomas of the Welsh Local Government Association 'whingeing' about the costs and the demands of the Freedom of Information Act. If Local Authorities want to save money on information management then they need to be more open and transparent, and start publishing information.. Whilst some local authorities like Wrecsam are pretty good on the whole,  there have been instances even as a Councillor in Wrecsam where I had had to resort to the Freedom of Information Act, in fact getting some information off them is 'like pulling teeth". There are other Councils in Wales where the description closed and Stalinist is an understatement; so perhaps Steve Thomas needs to go back to the drawing board and perhaps reflect on the fact that Local Authorities in Wales are there to provide a service to the people in Wales and not lobby and respond to complaints from unelected Chief Executives.

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nospin said...

Well said especially the last sentence.