Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Real Agenda behind Police Commissioners

Because I have been totally opposed to Police and Crime Commissioners I have haven't really thought whether there was perhaps a secret privatisation agenda behind the Government's proposals. An excellent article by Andrew Gilligan in yesterday's Daily Telegraph has provided plenty of food for thought.

Gilligan alleges that an independent PCC candidate in Lincolnshire, a Mervyn Barrett is being bankrolled by a right wing US lobbying firm for the purposes of outsourcing Policing Services to the private sector, companies like G4S, Capita and others. It seems that other PCC candidates may similarily be bankrolled.

Interestingly enough the other independent candidate in Lincolnshire is non other than David Bowles, who was parachuted into Anglesey Council as a very expensive troubleshooter. Mr Bowles alleges that the front man for the US Lobbying firm, a Matthew de Unger Brown invited him to run on a joint ticket with Mr Barrett as his deputy but Bowles declined.

These are worrying and subversive developments for a democracy, especially where a foreign powers seeks to influence democratic elections purely to ensure that public services are outsourced and that profit comes before the provision of services.

Whilst I was lukewarm towards this election initially and had some doubt whether I should exercise my right to vote; this article has now changed my whole perspective and I will definitely be voting for the candidate who is most likely to protect Policing Services inhouse; and I would suggest to my readers that they all do the same.

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Anonymous said...

David Bowles. Just hearing his name gives me the creaps

With such a sociopath as him around out Democracy needs to be wrapped in cotton wool.

Just look at the state he got Anglesey county Council in with his coverup mentality