Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Bryn Estyn - no stone unturned

Our initial posting on Saturday about the renewed interest in the Bryn Estyn child abuse scandal has continued to bring in some interesting responses.
 There's a real need to have a coordinated and methodical approach to any investigation into the actual allegations being made and the failure to fully investigate them at the time.
 Paddy French, who was involved in the Wales This Week programme that named a senior police officer and has a long track record as an investigative journalist, reveals some very disturbing links at the time that may have prevented a full inquiry in the 1990s.
 The most important aspect of any inquiry is not to examine process but to take the original allegations seriously. What is evident from the numbers phoning Welsh Children's Commissioner Keith Towler is that the victims trust him in a way that they perhaps would not trust other authorities. His office's freeline number is 0808 8011000 or Text: 80800.
 Leanne Wood, Plaid Cymru's leader, has also offered to pass on confidential information and has lead the charge for a thorough investigation of the abuse beyond the homes and some of the care workers. She can contacted in confidence by writing to
 There is growing evidence of an organised paedophile ring operating in the area that involved the wealthy and the powerful. And they abused their power by targetting the powerless - the most vulnerable being children without parents to look out for them.
 In these circumstances, the bravery of people like Councillor Keith Gregory can't be underestimated. Many of the victims have struggled to build their lives after such a traumatic childhood. For those that have done successfully, the last thing they need is to revisit those dark days.
  Unfortunately this is what will have to be done to get the truth and leave no stone unturned.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting up this information. I don't know whether to open up the wounds again will be a good thing. Don'tknow if I trust anyone but will give the commisioner a go.

Jacko said...

Is Plaid Wrecsam going soft - once upon a time you'd have named names and slagged off everybody. Why can't you be like Susan Elan Jones and have a real go

Plaid Whitegate said...

Some people are leaving comments that are naming individuals or pointing us in the direction of blogs that name individuals.
In the light of the Ched Evans tweeting case, I don't think it's helpful for this blog if people do this.