Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Four more years

It is 4.30am and I'm pleased to say that the main news channels has called the election for President Obama. Four more years and a far greater chance of peace. Confirmed that Obama has won Ohio. Let's celebrate!


Anonymous said...

Four more years and a far greater chance of peace.

I'm sure the people of Libya, Syria, Pakistan not to mention Iran will all be crossing their desperation if the last 4 years were anything to go by.

Plaid Whitegate said...

I'm mystifed by the US elections - why do they allow the main news channels to call it? Why don't they just wait for the votes to be counted?
Difficult to celebrate someone who has talked the talk and not walked the walk on so many issues.
On international matters in particular Obama has been useless in standing up to the warmongering military and their privatised sidekicks in Halliburton etc.
Domestically he hasn't set the world on fire either.
The alternative - a ragbag army of fundamentalists (with the emphasis on mentalist), evangelicals and free market crackpots - was even worse.
Where is the real alternative in the USA?

Anonymous said...

Plaid Wrecsam,

Pam na wnes ti ddangos fy sylw? Mae sylw Plaid Whitegate uchod gyda'r callaf rwyf wedi ei ddarllen heddiw ac rwy'n cytuno 100% gydag ef. Mi gawsom y lleiaf niweidiol i'r byd

Anonymous said...

The alternative is here: Reads like a copy of Leanne Wood.
Worth having a look at The Justice Party as well.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

I think we underestimate the power of the President especially in terms of domestic policy when the House is in Republican hands and the Conservatives control the Supreme Court. Obama has achieved something that many other Democratic Presidents have failed and that is passage of the Affordable Care Act. Only two previous presidents have succeeded in reforming healthcare and that was Truman and LBJ when the Dems controlled all three branches of government. Too many checks and balances lead to slow decision making particularly with such an obstructive HoR that Obama has had to put up with over the last 2 years.