Saturday, 8 December 2012

Darren Millar cheering on Labour!

We in Plaid Cymru have said it a million times, there is not a blind bit of difference between the British Unionist parties...Vote Labour get Tory or vice versa. They have now reached the stage that they don't even hide the fact that they are identical. The latest example is that of Tory AM Darren Millar openly praising the Scottish Labour leader Johnann Lamont:
Johann Lamont’s Cuts Commission has attracted yet more support from the Tories today after a Senior Welsh Conservative heaped praise on her for supporting “our policies.
Tory AM Darren Millar said that “yet again Johann Lamont has shown her Welsh colleagues the way forward” in abandoning their support for free prescriptions.
This is not the first time that the Tories have praised Johann Lamont after she abandoned Labour’s commitment to universal free provision of a number of vital services – some of which were key manifesto commitments she was elected upon little over a year ago.
Earlier this year Ruth Davidson said that in launching her attack on these services, Ms Lamont was moving Labour “onto Tory ground.”
Commenting, SNP MSP Mark McDonald – who sits on the Health and Sport Committee – said:
“When the Tories become the biggest cheerleaders for your health policies, it is surely time to stop and think, but Johann Lamont seems determined to press on ahead with her cuts commission.
“Darren Millar’s comments come hot on the heels after Ruth Davidson embraced Labour’s conversion to Tory policy
.“The fact is that before the SNP abolished them, there were 600,000 families on incomes of as little as £16,000 who were liable for prescription charges – a tax on the sick.
.“The more you look at them, the more alike the anti-independence parties appear to be - these startling comments from yet another Tory remind us that the only a yes vote in 2014 can safeguard the achievements of the Scottish Parliament.”

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Siônnyn said...

You have put your finger on it when you suggest that Lament should stop and think. So far. Lament has not shown any sign that thinking is part of her repertoire.