Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Don't read all about it... more jobs go with Trinity Mirror cuts

One story about job cuts you probably won't read in the Daily Post today is about redundancies at the Daily Post.
 Our regional paper is part of the Trinity Mirror empire, which runs the Daily Mirror, Sunday People and Western Mail as well as most of our weekly papers, including Wales on Sunday.
 For many years the bottom line has been all-important to its bosses with constant cutting back on the people who make the papers worth reading - the journalists.
 The Western Mail will lose 16 jobs and the Daily Post will also lose posts as it re-locates some work back to Liverpool. Content, we're told, will now be non-local... which stupid executive thought that would help to sell local papers?
 The last thing people want when they buy their local paper is to find out what's happening hundreds of miles away.
 The Daily Post has built up an solid track record recently of local patch reporters who know a good story and a campaigning attitude that challenges the authorities, whether it be Betsi Cadwaladr health board, the Welsh Government or secretive local councils.
 We need a healthy independent media to challenge and scrutinise and tell a balanced story about what's happening in our communities. That's not going to be happening very soon as the big corporations look to squeeze the last penny of profit from newspapers.
 If the mainstream press fails us, it's time for an online alternative.

PS If you want an idea of how out of touch the bean counters have become, the new posts in Liverpool will be for "community content curators" rather than journalists. 

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Cneifiwr said...

I agree 100% - it is time for an independent, online alternative. It is not just that local coverage is diminishing, but also the degraded ethics of a lot of our local press in Wales where favourable editorial coverage is traded for advertising revenue. And it's not just Carmarthenshire County Council that is doing this.