Tuesday, 15 January 2013

More Liberal Democrat Hypocrisy.

Nothing that any Liberal Democrat does or says surprises me anymore (hardened by reading Peter Black blogs) but even I was astounded... and lost for words when I read a very recent tweet by Mark Williams the little known Liberal Democrat MP for Ceredigion who tweeted:

My Council Colleagues inform me that Ceredigion is considering a Council Tax Increase of 3% in the upcoming budget. What do you all think?
I replied to his blatant politically partisan tweet, that he had the gall to ask such a question when all local authorities in Wales are having to consider higher than average council tax settlements; exactly because Mark Williams and his Liberal Democrat colleagues in Westminster have enthusiastically supported the Tories' nasty agenda of villifying the poor and cutting benefits.

Believe it or not Mr Williams but Local Authorities like Ceredigion are having to step in to protect the poor and vulnerable because you have failed misreably to represent their interests.

Shame on you Mr Williams!


Anonymous said...

To make it easier for said Lib-Dem MP he can collate comments made by Ceredigion residents when the previous Cabinet - includig Lib-Dems - set the council tax at a conveninet 3%

Anonymous said...

Shameless. The cuts to bus funding are going to be a nightmare especially in rural authorities. A modest tax rise to save at least some services and jobs? I'd probably back that.

Anonymous said...

This is another example of Mark Williams’ hypocritical-styled arguments (in 2007, the LibDems were called FibDems by opposing campaign groups). Such statments from the LibDem camp in Ceredigion have been rife for years:

-The LibDem/Independent Cabinet controlling the council prior the last local elections voted to close the Day Centre in Aberystwyth, only for Mark Williams and the local LibDem committee to start campaigning to save the Centre.

-Their 2010 campaign targeted heavily on the student vote in Aberystwyth and Llanbedr Pont Steffan saying they were the party who will defend students from tuition fees (and claimed that a Plaid Cymru Cllr pushed for a ban on students voting). Thousands cast their vote, and thousands were betrayed. Mark W made a point in the local media that he voted against the rise in fees, but he voted for the cuts to university budgets which more-or-less resulted in the fee-rise anyway.

-In 2010, he told Ceredigion farmers he was supporting the proposed badger cull in Pembrokeshire (although, never seemed to voice this opinion wider than the livestock market’s cafe which was evident when many green-inclined voters placed their cross next to his name) along with his whole campaigning team. In 2011, his assistant stood in the Assembly elections speaking out against the cull with full support of Mark Williams.

-He also claimed to learn Welsh during his first term, but then went on to distribute this howler of a leaflet in the 2010 election campaign: http://oclmenai.blogspot.co.uk/2010/03/achlustion-anwir-fan-alcohol-persist.html . Also, taking full advantage of the high numbers of Ceredigion residents born in England (above 40%), the LibDem campaign team pushed a stake through the community claiming that Plaid Cymru would increase taxes on non-Welsh speakers, would ‘drive the English home’ and ‘force the language down their throats’ – these tactics were made apparent during a street stall when a familiar Aberystwyth LibDem town councillor was caught relaying such messages to passers-by, and also from the high numbers of voters repeating such messages after being visited by LibDem canvassers.

Many more stories such as this circulate Ceredigion. The LibDems always gave an impression of clean, honest and local politics to the millions of voters throughout Wales and Britain, but behind that veneer has always been a rotten, dirty, hypocritical, below-the-belt style of politics, of which the people of Wales and Britain are becoming more aware of – as the recent polls show.