Saturday, 19 January 2013

More on Labour's U-turn...

We have previously highlighted the Labour government's complete U-turn on the shortfall of 10% in Council tax benefit here and here, but no one has asked the question why the change of heart from less than a month ago when I had the following twitter conversation with the Local Government Minister Carl Sergeant; where he was absolutely adamant there was no cash available to make up for the shortfall:

Was it a genuine conscientious concern about the poorest and most vulnerable in our society or was it more to do with internal Welsh Labour party polling which showed that, rather than blaming the Con Dems in London the people of Wales were actually blaming the Welsh Labour Government for the shambles that the Council Tax benefit saga had become.

Whilst we in Plaid Cymru welcome the u-turn (something that Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM has campaigned on for months), we must also use our role to scrutinise the Government to ascertain exactly how many more 'million pound slush funds' the government has to prop up its popularity.


Plaid Whitegate said...

This is classic Labour - it's default position is to blame everything on the Tories and to accuse everyone else who dares criticise them of supporting the Tories.

The u-turn exposes their hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

What I've heard is that Carl Sargeant didn't want to set a precedent for paying for Tory cuts and was annoyed that Rhodri Glyn skewered him on it, but Jane Hutt overruled him and found the money.

Really incompetent handling of this by Sargeant and in any other civilised democracy he would have had to resign. Welcome to Wales!