Tuesday, 29 January 2013

UNISON Elections.

The position of Chair of UNISON's North Wales Health Branch is subject of a contest this year with the current Chairperson being challenged. With all the proposed changes going on in the 18,000 strong Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, it is without doubt a demanding and challenging role requiring a person of exceptional qualities to work closely with all stakeholders. One of the candidates for the role clearly hasn't thought through the job description and describes her intention in her CV to:
"Work closely with our Labour AM's" 
Clearly the candidate is totally unaware that the only North Wales AM's that are fighting hard to protect health services are the 8 non Labour Assembly Members that she has no intention of working closely with!

With the honourable exception of Ann Jones AM the other North Wales Labour AM's have remained remarkably silent on the crisis facing the health services in North Wales.

Let's hope UNISON Health Branch members across North Wales re-elect their current Chairperson, staff deserve to be represented by some who is inclusive and not someone who follows narrow partisan doctrine.

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