Friday, 15 February 2013

So who cut funding for kids' safety?

Who is to blame for the reduction in the Kerbcraft scheme, which teaches young children essential road safety?

Not us, say Wrecsam's increasingly rattled Labour/Tory/Democratic Independent councillors - blame the Welsh Government. It has cut the budget to Taith, the North Wales body that oversees transport grants, by 21%. As a result Taith had to prioritise budgets and opted to cut Kerbcraft - a tried and tested scheme that relies heavily on volunteers and has delivered regular reductions in child road accidents and deaths.

But this report quotes Taith chair Mike Priestly as saying that all councillors on the Taith board voted for this cut. Who sits on the board for Wrecsam Council?

Council leader Neil Rogers (Labour), Rhosddu Labour councillor David Bithell and independent Bob Dutton.

The only one to attend the meeting was Cllr David Bithell, who will be the borough's mayor in a few month's time.

For the sake of a few thousand pounds, these councillors would jeopardise child safety while, at the same time, trying to pin the blame on others.


Anonymous said...

And when the people protest the council send out the attack dog Councillor to remonstrate with protestors that no decisions have been made.

Anonymous said...

When the minutes are produced you'll probably find that only Cllr I David Bithell was at the TAITH Board meeting that voted to cut and redirect the Kerbcraft Funding to another project. Bob Dutton is the reserve member on the Board but is also the Lead Member for the Environment which includes Transport.