Thursday, 21 February 2013

Vehicle Arsons.

The North Wales Police can spin the problem of vehicle Arsons in Wrexham County Borough Council any which way they want; they can villify and pressurise local councillors for representing their constituents and they can attack the local press for 'sensationalising' the problem; but the truth is that it is a real problem and people are fearful of crime and it is not a false perception.

This is what senior Police Officers said to
Inspector Mark Williams told us that the figures for recorded arson showed “no spike over the last twelve months”, detailing a breakdown showing an average of 23 incidents a year. It was pointed out that acts of ‘arson’ can range from a bag of grass cuttings or a car being set on fire, but all are recorded as ‘arson’ in the statistics.
Chief Inspector Alex Goss said “A lot of work is going on in Caia and other areas with a multi agency approach to counter arson and the perception of arson”. 
The truth is somewhat different, in 2010, there were 68 vehicle arson's in Wrexham CBC which was twice the number in more heavily populated Flintshire and 40% of the total deliberate vehicle fires in the whole of North Wales. In 2011, the situation had worsened with 52% of all North Wales's deliberate vehicle fires occurring in Wrexham County Borough, this is 3 times more than Flintshire and at 90 incidents was 32% more than the previous year. In 2012, deliberate vehicle fires in Wrexham had declined slightly from 90 to 84 but the numbers in Flintshire and North Wales had also declined, thus the Wrexham figure represented 58% of all deliberate fires in North Wales.

This situation is one where the public, the press and elected representatives have a right to voice their concerns; it is the Police who try to manipulate people's perceptions who should be subject of criticism.


Anonymous said...

One thing that gets me a bit mad is when clever-dicks talk about the fear of crime as if it's just some silly folk worrying about nothing.

Fear of crime like an old lady who had a bottle through her window and for the next year or more had the same gang hanging about outside her house. They didn't do a thing but the fear that they might was a nightly torture for her.

The police should be protecting the community and not trying to spin.

teresa bowen said...

We all know that there are crimes happened in our society and the first thing we should prioritize is the safetiness of our children. I found out the AAFLC which provides a rescue volunteers for the missing children.

Anonymous said...

This is all just statistics to NWP,more figures to manipulate to make themselves look good, as if they are really making an effort.
They don't care about the families or the faces behind the incidents. It's true, its the fear, the worry, not being able to sleep, that is what wrecks peoples lives. The Police treat these incidents as if they are all minor occurences,and how dare we complain?