Monday, 4 February 2013

Welsh Ambulance Performance - January 2013

One of the benefits of being a member of a Community Health Council is that you are provided with a dearth of information relating to all aspects of health services in Wales; much of this information is difficult to locate on the various websites including the Monthly Performance Summary for the Welsh Ambulance NHS Trust. Rather than regurgitate the usual stuff the mainstream press concentrate on which is response times I'd rather look at a different set of data and that is Hospital turnaround time which is measured from the time of arrival at hospital to the time when the vehicle registers as clear.

I find this an useful data set because it is one that the Ambulance Service has little or no control over and the measure reflects staffing levels at the hospital concerned and the availability of beds. What I have measured is the % of Turnarounds that take longer than an hour and the hospitals in bold are the ones where there have been some turnarounds of longer than 3 hours!

Bronglais.                      8.4%
Countess of Chester      4.7%
Glan Clwyd               11.9%
Hereford                       9.5%
Llandough                  14.1%
Maelor                          9.1%
Morriston                   15.6%
Nevill Hall                  11.2%
Prince Charles            19.5%
Prince Philip                12.7%
Princess of Wales          21%
Royal Glamorgan             2.5%
Royal Gwent                15.6%
Royal Shrewsbury            7.4%
Singleton                         27%
University Hospital          7%
West Wales                   7.5%
Gwynedd                        12%
Ystrad Mynach                  3% 

I have asked for previous Monthly Performance Summaries to determine whether the Ambulance Turnaround Time is deteriorating or not...I think I know the answer.

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