Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Will Labour in Wales let Tories wreck our health service?

One of Labour's constant refrains over the past three years has been to attack Tory plans to privatise the NHS in England.
 It was a source of pride that the Welsh NHS had rejected the private path by and large and was kept in the public sector.
 So far, so simplistic.
 However we're now entering dangerous territory for First Minister Carwyn Jones as his Labour health minister presides over changes to the Welsh NHS that will mean more services put into the care of those awful privatising Tories in England.
 After mass marches in Flint, Llandudno and Blaenau Ffestiniog, he's finally awoken to news that his sidekick is as popular as smallpox for not stopping the closure of community hospitals or the transfer of neonatal intensive care to England.
 Jones told the Senedd yesterday: 

"Should we be over-reliant in the future, and this is a general point, on a health service in England that is being wrecked and privatised? I think that is a fair point and one which will need to be considered in its entirety when we consider the future of the health service in Wales as a whole".
 If Lesley Griffiths can't take the hint that she has to intervene to save neonatal care, then she's due for the reshuffle in the spring.

Of course, more cynical souls than Plaid Wrecsam have suggested that it was always Labour's intention to allow this to rumble on as a row... only to allow Lesley to save the day at the last moment. Unfortunately for her, that moment passed some time ago and she's now going to look like she buckled under the pressure of a concerted angry campaign from SCBU mums, community activists and the Daily Post's relentless headlines.

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