Saturday, 16 March 2013

How not to organise a protest against the bedroom tax

Today saw a protest against the bedroom tax in Wrecsam. It was part of a series of protests organised by Labour against this regressive Con-Dem plan to cut benefits for those who are deemed to under occupy their homes.

This article sums up the reasons to oppose such a benefit cut better than anything we could write.

But Labour's pretence to oppose this cut is undermined by an interviewed with their shadow minister Helen Goodman. She says: "We've said the bedroom tax should only apply if people have turned down smaller accommodation."

Given that there are very few options for people to downsize without going into the (much dearer) private rented sector, where does Labour stand on this unfair tax?

Well, it doesn't want to talk about it.

When Plaid Wrecsam first questioned them on their Facebook group and posted up the above video, it was censored. Other supporters of the protest found their comments were pulled because they questioned Labour's motives.

Labour also claimed it was going to be a mass rally with "hundreds attending".

Mmm... not quite. Ian Lucas isn't much of an attraction at the best of times, despite all of Labour's local activists turning out.

It certainly left the local media unimpressed at having to concoct a picture and story from a non-event involving a party that has attacked benefits while in government and will do again if it's ever in power in future.

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Plaid Gwersyllt said...

They seemed lined up across Queens Square to obstruct people, their usual modus will agree with us won't you..and don't dare answer me back!