Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Were all in this together!

Even the Labour led administration in Wrecsam are jumping on the David Cameron bandwagon reminding everyone that we are in this (Labour mess) together. At a hush hush Scrutiny Committee this afternoon, Councillor David Griffiths, Lead Member for Adult Social Care and Health reminded members that ALL Councillors are part of the Council and have joint responsibility for finding the £34 million savings that we apparently need to make over the next 5 years and that it is the 'collective we' and not 'them.'

It is a shame that Councillor Griffiths forgets the way the Labour leadership treated the 14 Councillors who were not invited to take up roles in the new Labour led administration, last May but excluded them from all roles where no political balance was required.

It's all very well now calling for 'collective responsibility' when there are hard decisions to make but Labour should have thought of that sooner and practised inclusivity rather than exclusion.

Labour in cahoots with the Tories and a motley bunch of Indys take 38 seats to the opposition's 14 on Wrecsam Council, so whether we agree with it or not the decision rests with the Labour/Tory tag team.

You made your bed, you lie in it!


Shambo said...

Their probably saying something similar to Plaid in Gwynedd.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

No idea, sorry.