Sunday, 21 April 2013

Brymbo Developments Ltd.

What does the future now hold for Brymbo Developments Ltd (BDL);  the controversial owner of  redevelopment land on the site of the old Brymbo Steelworks where 500 or more houses have already been built but with little or no infrastructure to support the growing populations of Tanyfron and Brymbo.

This company has been subject of some considerable comment and interest on this site and previous blogs can be found HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE

Whilst BDL themselves are not in the news a company closely connected with them is; Scottish Coal which operated several opencast coal mines north of the border has gone into administration and made nearly 600 employees redundant. Scottish Coal is owned by a holding company Scottish Resources Group and a Colin Cornes who is also listed as a director of  Parkhill 2000 Ltd and BDL which is also a wholly owned subsidiary of Parkhill.

The big question now is whether BDL are creditworthy and whether they will be able to deliver on their most recent planning application if granted. This is due to be heard on the 6th May 2013, by Wrecsam Planning Committee.


Anonymous said...

Could I clear up a couple of inaccuracies.

Scottish Coal has gone into voluntary liquidation and not administration as outlined in your article.

A further subsidiary company of Scottish Resources Group, Castlebridge Plant was put into voluntary administration on the same day as Scottish Coal.

One last thing - Parkhill 2000 and BDL have no relation to Scottish Coal, Scottish Resources Group or Parkburn Ltd therefore they will be credit scored individually based on upon their turnover, net profit, net assets and how well they pay their bills.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Thank you for clearing these matters up. We will await and see how liquid BDL are when members will ask that they sign a bond to deliver on the Section 106 agreement for infrastructure like the spine road.