Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Bury Thatcherism, Wrecsam style

There was a militant but dignified protest against Thatcherism in Wrecsam today. The impromptu protest had fantastic publicity from local Tory dullards John Bell and Dick Wishart, who gave us a free advert on the front of the Leader.
 John Bell's moronic quote deserves a wider audience: “Without Margaret Thatcher, the people now demonstrating would have the same living standards of those in North Korea.”  Of course, John. Keep taking the tablets.

The 50-strong vigil remembered the communities and individuals devastated under Thatcherism, an ideology that favoured the rich against working-class communities. It outlived Thatcher in that both Blair and Cameron have continued her policies of increasing the gap between rich and poor. We now have the ludicrous situation where the vast majority of the UK government cabinet are millionaires while the vast majority of citizens are facing pay freezes, benefit cuts and huge insecurity in their lives.

Brymbo steelworkers and Bersham miners were in attendance to remind people of the very real devastation locally.

Many people spoke eloquently about the impact of Thatcher on their lives, including Unite activist Michael Harrison, Steve Ryan from the PCS, Peter Jones of the UCU and Marc Jones from Plaid Cymru. He said: 

"Today is the day we bury Thatcherism - the ideology that privatised our public services. It's an ideology that was backed by Blair and Cameron alike. 
"Thatcher tried to kill off our communities, but we in Wrecsam have fought back. We now own our football club, we've re-opened Wrexham Lager and Saith Seren is a community cooperative pub. Despite her best efforts, we have overcome and that's something to celebrate today."

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Anonymous said...

I lived through the Thatcher regime, stood on miners sicket lines and marched on varius marches. In the 80s if you had asked me what I would have done if Thatcher had died I would have given a very different answer. In the end i imposed my own TV black out and 'turned my back', electronically on the whole affair,much as I did on Diana and the Queen mum. I will remember the stuggle in my own way but not give the flame of publicity to those who want to chastise those who protest.