Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Twitter Victory

It seems that Wrexham County Borough Council have finally seen sense and are set to allow press and public, including councillors who attend meetings to tweet, but a ban will still be in force for Councillors who are members of a particular committee.

The decision will be made by Wrexham Councillors at their AGM at the end of May.

This has been a long journey since wrexham.com were refused permission initially and then I was reprimanded by the leader of the council for tweeting, then closely followed by Daily Post journalist, Steve Bagnall being banned from tweeting at council meetings. This led to Alison Gow, Editor of the Daily Post to launch a 'Right to Tweet' campaign which raised the issue to such an extent that it was reported in the national press including Private Eye.

This is how I reported on our last efforts to legalise tweeting.

Since Wrexham Council has had its reputation slightly tarnished by this, and several other councils in Wales have found themselves in similar predicaments  perhaps this is an opportunity for our very own Local Government Minister, Lesley Griffiths to introduce amendments to the Local Democracy Bill, to make local government at all levels in Wales, more accountable, open and transparent which includes the use of social media.


Anonymous said...

Shows how utterly useless Lesley Griffiths is when we have the English Local Government Minister criticising Welsh councils for their lack of openess and transparency. This must be so embarrasing for our semi competent Local Government Minister.

Anonymous said...

In what way is she "semi competent"? She has spent two years presiding over the destruction of the NHS, including neonatal intensive care in the very hospital she worked in. She has no shame, no ability and certainly no competence.