Sunday, 12 May 2013

Boris Wants Tax Raising Powers

Boris Johnson the Mayor of London has called on Westminster to devolve tax raising powers to the capital. The demands are made in a report by the London Finance Commission which was leaked to the Guardian; part of the report states:
"The full suite (council tax, business rates, stamp duty, land tax, annual tax on enveloped dwellings and capital gains property disposal tax) should be devolved to London government."
Some of these powers are already devolved to Wales but some are not and as we all know the Secretary of State for Wales is lukewarm towards devolving tax raising powers and its difficult to know where our First Minister stands on this because the Welsh Labour Party (AM's v MP's) are hopelessly divided on greater devolution and tax raising powers.

Whatever one might say about Boris he fights London's corner and is an example of how regional politicians fight for their constituents interest and its a shame our Welsh Government doesn't do the same for Wales.

There are questions to be asked here, let's hope that our opposition politicians don't miss out on the opportunity to ask them and to put the Secretary of State and the First Minister on the spot.

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lionel said...

Sadly he may be our best bet in Wales in terms of getting these powers. It's impossible to countenance giving London but not Wales such power. Have to keep up the pressure on he Tories. It's the only way to show people how bad a job Labour is doing. (That and a proper media)