Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Mas que un club - Mwy na clwb - More than a club

FC Barcelona has always been more than just another football club. Owned by the fans, it has also been - since the days of Franco - a focus of resistance to Spanish rule.

It is, in the words of its slogan, 'mas que un club'... more than just a club. It is the unofficial national team of Catalunya. It, along with the Catalan people, language and identity, overcame a fascist dictatorship to emerge stronger than the old enemy.

Now it's taking that a step further by incorporating the Catalan national flag, the red and yellow stripes of the senyera, into the away kit.

In a nice environmental touch, the kit is made of recycled polyester - each shirt and shorts are made from 13 recycled plastic bottles.

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