Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Scottish Government supports Scottish farmers

Congratulation to the SNP Government for showing support for the Scottish farming community with a £6 million hardship fund. 

NFUS president Nigel Miller said the financial package would help struggling farmers at a time when all budgets are extremely constrained. 
“We know from our survey that more than 80 per cent of Scottish farmers are already expecting their output in 2013 to be down because of the weather,” said Mr Miller 
Farmers who have lost ‘critical’ numbers of stock or will rear ‘significantly fewer’ animals this season will be eligible.

It's a shame that Alun Davies AM the Minister responsible for agriculture in Wales does not recognize the importance of the sector to the Welsh economy and the need to support it when environmental factors have had such a devastating effect on the future of farming.

Plaid Cymru in government would have guaranteed that a package of support would have been in place.


Just come across this Welsh Government press release  Industry and government plan for a healthy future for farming in Wales.

Carwyn Jones said:
“Agriculture is worth £150 million to the Welsh economy, with almost 15,000 people employed directly in farming and many more owing their living indirectly to providing goods and services to farms.
“There is no doubt that farming and food production represents a key strategic industry for Wales. Today’s event is all about seizing the opportunity to grow the industry in Wales and ensuring that the Welsh Government is in pole position to work with  the industry and provide the right environment for farm businesses to flourish.”
Alun Davies said:
“This conference is very much about business. If our farming industry is to flourish we must keep business at the heart of everything we do and focus our support on those farmers who strive to deliver professionally run, profitable and sustainable businesses. 
I've highlighted the words 'our support' to show how meaningless the statement is.

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Jac o' the North, said...

Labour won't help the farmers because farmers don't vote Labour. But then, Labour voters in Merthyr and Ebbw Vale are also ignored, so who does the Labour Party represent?

Apart from the Third Sector and other parasites I suspect Labour is only interested in marginal seats and swing voters.

So if you'll never vote Labour, or if you always vote Labour (no matter what), then Labour don't give a toss about you.